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Student Service

Student Service

EAHM is here to provide full support to you, from the moment you enrol till you walk on your graduation and beyond.
e will make sure that your academic and non-academic needs will be met during your time with EAHM.

Wellbeing & Learning Support


The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management believes that a student should not be held back by a learning disability from becoming an exemplary hospitality industry professional. We offer a variety of support mechanisms to students including but not limited to: extra time to complete exams, pre-exam explanations by the lecturer, post-exam oral clarification of student answers, and use of a laptop in the exam room.


EAHM is highly equipped with all the necessary tools to help make your learning experience better. You will find all that you are looking for in various places such as the library that hosts a growing collection of more than a 100,000 items in English and many other materials available in foreign languages. Students and faculty have access to e-books, online databases, full-text journals and other digital resources. Through the Innovation Hub, students are pushed to go beyond their conceptualisation of ideas through a more design-thinking approach.

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Student Council


Our Student Council is committed to the EAHM community's continued development and well-being.

It consists of ten members chosen through campus-wide elections with the purpose to represent students and provide them with the ability to express themselves. Their main aim is to provide resources for numerous student organizations and clubs, as well as counselling and support, in order to foster a generation that values teamwork, devotion, and responsibility.

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Student Orientation


Through the orientation, students have the opportunity to:

  • Find information about student services such as housing, financial aid, community safety, counselling and career preparation.

  • Meet the Academic Deans, faculty and university staff and learn about their roles at EAHM as well as their contributions to student learning and growth.

  • Meet current EAHM students and learn about their experiences as students on the campus.

  • Get answers to all of your questions about being an EAHM student and academic life.

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Grooming Guide

At Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management, we prepare leaders for the future of hospitality. As future leaders, your appearance, attitude, and behaviour will play a key role and it is our responsibility to shape you to be a success.


As future managers, you are given the opportunity to experience a dress code that complies with the industry requirements, while still being able to express your personal identity.


Academic Counselling

EAHM’s faculty community is highly equipped to support our students through our Academic Counselling services in regard to any difficulties one might face on a particular course or determining their career path. Upon the start of the term, all students are allocated to an advisor who will be a faculty member, throughout their studies. Additionally, students can also seek support from their respective Programme manager.


We want students to be able to make well-informed decisions about academic goals and achieve academic success. Course selection, programme planning, degree and module requirements, academic concerns, learning tools and resources, and university policies are all things we can help students with.


Personal Counselling

Students may experience a range of problems that have an impact on their personal development, emotional well-being, and college performance. EAHM provides one-on-one personal counselling. The function of the Personal Counsellor is to detect, diagnose, and provide assistance and guidance to students who are dealing with personal issues.

Counselling services, in collaboration with the academic support division, enable the inclusion and adaptation of students with learning disabilities into the classroom, as well as liaise with many stakeholders to ensure that such students' journeys are successful.

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Health Services

It is required that all students and visitors have private medical insurance. EAHM is not a medical provider but maintains lists of appropriate medical practitioners that students can choose to use.


International Students

The multicultural environment is one of the factors that makes EAHM so popular in the region. Our student body represents around 60 nationalities from across the world, resulting in a beautiful mix of cultures, races, and religions on our campus.

EAHM has a dedicated team to support our international students from enrolling to visa application, housing within the university and all the necessary formalities required to reach the university’s doorstep and more, building a home away from home.

For more information, you can also book an online meeting with an admissions advisor: admissions@eahm.ae or open our Arrival Guide

  • Estimated living costs 

  • Accident and travel insurance

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Getting settled

Stay connected, stay healthy, stay active. All the nitty-gritty details regarding mobile numbers, driving licenses, bank accounts and health insurance.

Setting up a mobile phone

We recommend the official telecommunications providers in the UAE: Du and Etisalat. To find out about their offers and purchasing a phone number, you can visit their websites: www.du.ae www.etisalat.ae


You can purchase a SIM card at Dubai Airport once you arrive or at one of their official counters at Mall of the Emirates or Dubai Mall. You will need:

• Your passport

• A copy of your stamped entry permit (or student visa if you already have it)

• Coloured copy of your passport

• Possibly a sum of AED 100 (for a pre-paid account)

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Health insurance


It is mandatory for all students to be covered by an International Health Insurance Policy throughout their studies (medical coverage in UAE is a must). This is also a requirement to have your visa process finalised once you reach Dubai. We will share more information about the EAHM affiliated local insurance policy via email, which you can discuss with us at the registration session during Orientation Week.


In the unfortunate case that you will need to use your health insurance, the closest hospitals to campus are the Saudi German Hospital in Al Barsha or the Dubai London Clinic on Jumeirah Beach Road, both a 10 minute taxi drive away.


Opening a bank account


You can only open a bank account once your student visa and Emirates ID has been issued/finalised (4-6 weeks after arrival). Bearing this in mind, you may want to take some precautions and ensure that you have an option to access your funds, possibly with an international card to make purchases and withdraw cash until your bank account is activated.


You will need:

• A copy of your passport

• Your UAE residence student visa

• Your Emirates ID card

• An No Objection Letter (NOL) which you can request from the Student Services Centre/ Registrar’s Office via the Student Information System (SIS) online


Please be aware that requirements may differ from one bank to another, so we recommend that you check each bank’s website individually beforehand.


We recommend some of the banks below:

• Emirates NBD: They have a branch just in front of ‘The Mall’, walking distance from EAHM

• Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank: Have a branch at Mall of the Emirates

• Mashreq bank: Also at Mall of the Emirates

• HSBC: Also at Mall of the Emirates

• First Abu Dhabi Bank: Also at Mall of the Emirates or on Jumeirah Beach Road

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Getting a driver’s license


If you already hold a license from your home country, it’s possible to convert it without having to take driving lessons. For more information, please check out this website: www.rta.ae


By UAE law, you can transfer your driver’s license if you are a citizen from the following countries: Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Austria, Belgium, Spain, Germany, France, Ireland, Netherlands, Italy, UK, Turkey, Greece, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Romania, Poland, Finland, Portugal, Canada, USA, South Korea, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, Singapore, South Africa.


If you are not from any of the countries above or if you don’t hold a driver’s license, you must take driving lessons.


Below are some suggestions for driving schools: Emirates Driving Institute: www.edi-uae.com Belhasa Driving Center: www.bdc.ae Galadari Motor Driving Centre: www.gmdc.ae Dubai Driving Center: www.dubaidrivingcenter.net

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